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Africa’s Big 5


Experience African wildlife like never before in this adventurous trivia game with a twist, with wildcard factor adding flexibility and excitement.

Watch friends and family perform basic animal actions and sounds with hilarious results! Pick a Giraffe wild card and perform an animal action or sound, e.g. crawl like a Leopard, trumpet like an Elephant, snort like a Warthog and many more. Improve your general knowledge about wildlife world wide with 1000 trivia questions and answers.

A smart device App complements game play. Choose your favourite animal: Lion, Rhino, Elephant, and Buffalo, Leopard or Giraffe and reap the rewards. The smart device App uses a augmented reality solution: hold your device over the Giraffe card and an animated animal will come alive and perform the action or sound written on card.

2-6 players, 45-90 min playtime, ages 8+.