Africa’s Big 5 is a fun board game for the whole family. Experience Africa and wildlife like never before. Adventurous trivia game with a twist. Original game play with wildcard factor adds flexibility and excitement. Watch friends and family perform basic animal actions and sounds with hilarious results. Smart device App complements game play.




Choose your favourite animal: Lion, Rhino, Elephant, and Buffalo, Leopard or Giraffe and reap the rewards. Improve your general knowledge about wildlife world wide with 1000 trivia questions and answers.

Pick a Giraffe card (wild card) and perform the animal action or sounds, e.g. crawl like a leopard, trumpet like an elephant, snort like a warthog and many more.

Smart device app uses augmented reality solution. Holding device over the Giraffe card and a animated animal will come alive and perform the action or sound written on card.



Smart device app (can only be used with board game) available now as a free download in iTunes and Google Play store.


Google play

2-6 players, age 8+, 45-90 min playtime